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Rhu beach. After 1 hr of trekking into the jungle I arrive to the sea. Chinese sea. Bako national park, Borneo, Malaysia.
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Wild beach of a wild island on the island of Borneo, Bako national park, Sarawak, Malaysia.
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The sea, the sand and the jungle. No roads, no villages. A pristine beach as the Earth must be. And primeval rocks. Bako Jungle, coast of Borneo, Malaysia.
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A magic lake into the crater of Ijen Volcano. Java, Indonesia.
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Maybe the most beautiful volcano of the world, mount Rinjani has a wonderful lake inside its crater: Segara Anak (the son of the sea). Lombok, Indonesia.
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Matterhorn (French: Mont Cervin), the mountain. View during the trekking to 3200 mt of Horli-Hut. Valais, Pennine Alps, Switzerland.
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Ordesa Valley, Ordesa National Park (Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park), Pirineos range, Aragon, Spain
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Monte Perdido (Mount Perdido) in Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park in the Pyrenees of Huesca province, Aragon, Spain
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The New Castle of Manzanares el Real (Castillo nuevo de Manzanares el Real) in the town of Manzanares el Real in the northern area of the autonomous Community of Madrid, Castilla, Spain
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From the summit of Mount Vioz (about 3600 m): the glaciers of alps of Stelvio National Park (Parco nazionale dello Stelvio). Italy.
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Hohe Tauern alps, close to Grossglockner, Austria
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Deutschland's village - House of Germany in Füssen, district of Ostallgäu, Bavaria
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Rectangular tower at Neuschwanstein Castle, village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen, Bayern, Germany
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Neuschwanstein Castle, the nicest castle in the world, located near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany
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View from Cornizzolo mountain towards the others peaks around Lario Lake. Alps, Canzo, Lombardy, Italy.
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We are almost arrived to Mount Legnone summit (2610 m). It's the highest mountain around Lario Lake coasts. Alps, Lombardia, Italy.
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Mount Grona (about 1700 mt) is a mountain between Lario Lake and Lugano Lake. Menaggio, Alps, Italy.
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Menaggio, Mount Grona. Alps, Lombardia, Italy.
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Mount 2 mani is about 1700 mt. altitude. The trail starts from Ballabio village (600 mt.). Alps of Lario lake. Italy.
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Mount 2 mani is one of the mountains that surround Lecco City. Alps range. Italy.
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Wild valley of mountain Moregallo. And Lario lake stretches to horizon. Alps, Italy.
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Alpine meadow in autumn near Passo del Toro (pass of the bull). Alps, Lombardy, Italy.
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Almost to 1800 mt of altitude, Darengo lake shines near the top of Mount Gratella. Alps. Como province, Lombardy, Italy.
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One of the peaks of Val grande national park in wintertime. It's more that 2000 mt. altitude. Piemonte, Alps, Italy.
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