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UNESCO World Heritage

Togo, Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba

 Posted by Simon Laroche
Simon Laroche
, November 21, 2012 at 04:29:46

Location Kara Region, Togo
Coordinates N10 4 0 E1 7 60
Property 50,000 ha
Date of Inscription 2004

Brief Description ( )

The Koutammakou landscape in north-eastern Togo, which extends into neighbouring Benin, is home to the Batammariba whose remarkable mud tower-houses (Takienta) have come to be seen as a symbol of Togo. In this landscape, nature is strongly associated with the rituals and beliefs of society. The 50,000-ha cultural landscape is remarkable due to the architecture of its tower-houses which are a reflection of social structure; its farmland and forest; and the associations between people and landscape. Many of the buildings are two storeys high and those with granaries feature an almost spherical form above a cylindrical base. Some of the buildings have flat roofs, others have conical thatched roofs. They are grouped in villages, which also include ceremonial spaces, springs, rocks and sites reserved for initiation ceremonies.

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Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba, House Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba, Tammari house

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