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Dhammakaya temple, Pathum Thani, Thailand

 Posted by , June 08, 2008 at 09:25:35 :: Thailand

Located 28 km northeast of Bangkok city center, near Bangkok former Airport of Don Mueang, in Pathum Thani Province, the Dhammakaya temple was founded 20 years ago to offer instruction in Thamathayard meditation. The central bot is a marvel of modern Thai architecture which, unlike that of most Siamese temples, is characterized by pure, simple lines rather than highly ornate decoration.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Buddhist temple (วัดพระธรรมกาย) in Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province north of Bangkok, Thailand

The theme of simplicity continues in the interior, where a black marble floor and plain white walls accent the presiding Buddha image illuminated with a single spotlight. Dhammakaya temple honors the legendary meditation techniques of a Bangkok monk named Pra Mongkol Thepmooni. As taught by the monk from Wat Paknam, meditation involves initial concentration on an imaginary crystal ball, then transferring that focal point to the center of the student's mind. There, the sphere expands to incorporate the universe and ultimately induces Dhammakaya, the visible Buddha.

The Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall of Phramonkolthepmuni located opposite to the main entrance of Dhammakaya Temple, the dome-shaped shrine was built on a circular form of construction, resembling the sphere that spreads the dhamma teachings of Lord Buddha - Wat Phra Dhammakaya (วัดพระธรรมกาย), Pathum Thani, Thailand

Located opposite to the main entrance of Dhammakaya temple, the dome-shaped shrine was built on a circular form of construction, resembling the sphere that spreads the dhamma teachings of Lord Buddha.
The Great Memorial Hall of Phramongkolthepmuni was built in 2002, funded by donations from disciples of the late Ven. Phramongkolthepmuni, in honour of the highly revered monk whose rediscovery of the Dhammakaya tradition of meditation in 1914 had greatly revived the public interest in meditation and Buddhism.

Also known as Luang Pu Wat Paknam (the abbot of the Paknam Temple), the Most Venerable had dedicated himself to the study, practice and teaching of meditation. His famous concept that stillness of the mind is the key to material and spiritual success has helped many to discover the purpose of life and to experience inner peace and self-sustaining happiness.

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Will Posted on July 13, 2011
I am foreigner and interested do meditation retreat. Where farang can do this. can do in your temple Patunthani? please give me some information about courses start when, how many days, costs... thanks. 081 663 74 60 thanks

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