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Retezat National Park

 Posted by , October 05, 2008 at 15:22:17 :: Romania

Retezat National Park, located in Hunedoara county, is the oldest National Park in Romania; it was established in 1935 and it's mai objectives were to conserve the landscape and the endemic flora found here. Altitudes vary between 794m at the park entry on Râu Mare valley and 2509m at Peleaga Peak.

Papusa Peak (Păpuşa - Varful Păpuşa, 2508m), important peak in the Retezat Mountains. The highest peak is Peleaga (Vârful Peleaga, 2509 metres).

Containing more than 60 peaks over 7,500 feet (2,300 m) and over 100 crystal clear deep glacier lakes, the Retezat Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the Carpathians and include Romania's first national park. Retezat National Park is a natural reserve area covering more than 275 sq mi (710 km2)., including 4.500 square acres in a strictly protected scientific reserve area called "Gemenele".

The Retezat Mountains can be found in this Park, with the highest peak being Peleaga Peak at 2509 meters. The name derives from the name of the mountains and retezat means in Romanian "cut off", alluding to their shape. It also includes about 80 glacier lakes.

Retezat Mountains lake, Retezat Mountains which also contains the Retezat National Park, Romania's first national park

Flora is known to be very rich, with almost 1200 plant species from about 3600 found in Romania. Having a third of the Romania flora present here was one of the main reasons to designate the area as a National Park.

Fauna is also very rich, mainly because of the diversity of habitats found here, but also because the human impact is still small. There are no permanent settlements inside the park.

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