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CentralWorld Shopping Center, Bangkok

 Posted by , May 23, 2010 at 08:36:41 :: Thailand

CentralWorld (Thai: เซ็นทรัลเวิลด์) is a shopping plaza and complex in Bangkok, Thailand. It is the second largest shopping complex in Southeast Asia, after SM City North EDSA of the Philippines. It's a landmark of downtown Bangkok and one of the favorite shopping mall of Bangkokians.

Central World (Shopping Mall), Bangkok, Thailand

World Trade Center

Originally called the World Trade Center, the eight-story mall was opened in 1990. Central Group acquired the property in 2002 from the Wang Petchaboon group and soon thereafter renamed it Central World Plaza, and in 2005 rechristened it CentralWorld.

CentralWorld Overview

With 550,000 square metres of retail space and a total area size of 830,000 square metres that is 30% larger than any other shopping centre in central Bangkok, CentralWorld is now officially the largest lifestyle shopping complex in Southeast Asia, with an unrivalled mix of products and services at prices that put the fun back into shopping for Thai consumers and tourists.

With a range of offerings that encompass more than 500 stores, 100 restaurants and cafes, 15 cinemas, Kids' Zone and Learning Centre (Genius Planet Zone), two anchor department stores, as well as a trendy food court, the largest supermarket in Asia and an outdoor square for large-scale events like Bangkok's official New Year countdown party, there certainly is something for everyone.

To prevent shoppers from getting lost, and to help circulate people to all areas and prevent clustering, a clear traffic circulation system was devised that enhance vertical and horizontal movement around the six interconnected shopping zones, each offering a different ambiance and certain unique features.

There are also more than 100 escalators, as well as see-through lifts. CentralWorld's retail layout is influenced by the shopping street concept, allowing shoppers to spec several storefronts at a glance, whilst its overall design has placed a lot of emphasis on natural light / daylight that filters through the many skylights and open wells. Spectacular sculptures by famous artists are used as decoration features, and a glass mobile consisting of 3,500 glass balls hanging in an open well has had the crowds in awe.

CentralWorld is on the forefront of technological sophistication too. Two of Southeast Asia's largest LED screens, measuring 9 x 16 metres, overlook the outdoor CentralWorld Square and will be used to broadcast major events. Inside, giant LED screens are also used to broadcast activities from one zone to another.

More than 250 interactive LCD monitors and directories have been installed throughout to provide an estimated 150,000 shoppers daily with information and shopping directories. And the 40 ATM machines scattered around are also the largest number in any commercial complex in Thailand.

The indoor parking lot - the largest in Thailand - measures 287,000 square metres and can accommodate 7,000 vehicles. Already completed is the 45-storey CentralWorld Offices, one of the city's most modern skycrapers.

The Offices at CentralWorld

The renovations included completing an unfinished office tower, on which work had been halted in 1999 with only 39 of the planned 63 floors completed. Construction was resumed in early 2003, expanding the tower to a 45-story, 204 meter, design, with the completed tower opening in 2005.

Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Centara Grand is a chain hotel built on land leased from the Crown Properties Bureau. The flagship hotel, the Centara Grand at CentralWorld, was attached to both the CentralWorld mall and the Offices at CentralWorld.

2010 Red Shirt Protest and The Following Mass Arson

After almost one month of the Red Shirt occupation of the surrounding areas, the Thai military crackdown and the surrender of Red Shirt leaders, CentralWorld was one of the more than 30 Bangkok buildings that Red Shirt protesters set ablaze on May 19. The fire got that ZEN, one of the 5 parts that made up CentralWorld, collapsed in the fire.

This part of Central World has collapsed by Move&Blog! Thailand

Although CentralWorld has been severely damaged, it is still standing and can be restored. Central Pattana have said it would take at least 6 month to repair and rebuild the building.

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