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Fun facts about Koh Samui

 Posted by , May 11, 2015 at 17:50:26 :: Thailand

Facts and figures on the natural wonders and other attractions of this island paradise

Koh Samui, Chaweng beach


The decade in which backpackers “discovered” Samui, which at the time was considered a coconut-harvesting backwater.


Elevation, in metres, of the island’s highest point: the peak of the jungle-covered mountain known as Khao Pom.


Samui’s land area, making it the kingdom’s second largest island after Phuket.


The number of dolphin and whale species found in the Gulf of Siam, where Koh Samui is located.


The number of islands that together make up Ang Thong Marine National Park, near Samui.


Ang Thong Marine National Park’s total area in km².


The height, in meters, to which some of Ang Thong’s limestone karsts soar.


The average weight of a water buffalo, which are a common sight in Samui and on neighboring islands.


The number of beaches in Samui. The island is renowned for its crystal clear waters and pristine stretches of sand.

2 million

The number of Samui coconuts that are shipped to Bangkok each year, having been harvested from about…

3 million

coconut trees, each of which produces approximately…


coconuts per year. Coconut production is the island’s second largest industry after tourism.


The number of butterfly gardens in Samui. Na Tian Butterfly Garden boasts hundreds of the kaleidoscopically colored insects.

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