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Photos of Paris (France)

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Paris Photos

48°52'1"N 2°19'60"E

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Snow is never on strike, Tignes

The ski season is starting and maybe some of you will head up to Tignes, France, where "Snow is never on strike" (as they say on their Website). Tignes is a commune of the Savoie département, in France. But it is also a world famous ski resort, served by the large well linked ski area called L'Espace Killy. Tignes comprises 5 Villages: Val Claret, Tignes le Lac, Le Lavachet, Tignes Les Boisses and Tignes-les-Brévières. The first three are close together at 2100m and Les Boisses and Les Brevieres are further down the valley, above and below the dam repectively. Les Brévières is…

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