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Phu Tu islet, Phu Tu islet

Phu Tu Islet is considered as the most famous landscape in Ha Tien, a town of Kien Giang province. According to fable, in the old day, in this coast there was a beast which often overturned the boats to eat the fishermen. At that time there was a fisherman living with his son beside the foot of An Hai mountain, next to Hang pagoda. The father was very angry and decided to kill this rude monster. One day he poisoned himself and lied near the marine edge to lure the beast. Seeing the man, the beast ate his head at once, then died because of the poison from the fisherman’s head. The son didn’t see his father so he went to many places to find his dad. Seeing his father’s body without head on the beach, he embraced the body and cried distressfully. Unfortunately, the poison from his father’s body permeated to his and then he died because of poison ,too. After the rain stopped, the inhabitants saw two stones, a big one and small one, right the place where the father and his son had lied. It was said that the big one was the father and another was his son. Then these stones were called Phu Tu Islet. In Vietnamese “ Phu” means “ a father” and “ Tu” means “ a child”.

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