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Photos of Orchha (India)

Orchha Photos

25°21'0"N 78°38'24"E

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Kalavantin Durg near Panvel, India

Kalavantin Durg is considered as one of the best trekking spots located at an elevation of 2300 feet in the Sahyadri mountain range. Situated adjacent to Prabalgad Fort on the Mumbai Pune expressway, Kalavantin Durg is fairly a picturesque area to check out. It is located close to Panvel (about 17 Km), in Raigad district, Maharashtra state, India. The trek which begins from base village of Shedung, takes about 3 hours. Kalavantin Durg pinnacle is tougher. First it has some steps carved into the rock and then few more but muddy path near the pinnacle. Reaching Kalavantin Durg is relatively a tough…

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