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Photos of Alghero (Italy)

Alghero Photos

40°33'1"N 8°19'1"E

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Craco, an Italian Ghost Town

Craco (Cracum / Graculum in Latin) is an abandoned medieval village, perched 400 metres above the Cavone Valley in the Region of Basilicata in southern Italy. The village is sitting on a hilltop overlooking a river valley with wonderful scenery. Throughout the area are many unique vegetation-less mounds formed by intensive erosion that are called “calanchi”. The town of Craco can trace its origin back over a millennium and a half when its magnificent Norman tower was erected. Craco has been abandoned since 1963. The last of its 1,800 inhabitants left hurriedly after a series of earthquakes, and between 1959 and 1972,…

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