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Photos of Chachoengsao (Thailand)

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Chachoengsao Photos

13°41'26"N 101°4'14"E

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Facts and figures on the natural wonders and other attractions of this island paradise 1970s The decade in which backpackers “discovered” Samui, which at the time was considered a coconut-harvesting backwater. 635 Elevation, in metres, of the island’s highest point: the peak of the jungle-covered mountain known as Khao Pom. 229km² Samui’s land area, making it the kingdom’s second largest island after Phuket. 22 The number of dolphin and whale species found in the Gulf of Siam, where Koh Samui is located. 42 The number of islands that together make up Ang Thong Marine National Park, near Samui. 102 Ang Thong Marine National Park’s total area in km². 400 The height, in meters, to…

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