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Photos of Mae Hong Son (Thailand)

Mae Hong Son Photos
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19°18'4"N 97°58'12"E

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Sources: and When travelers dream of Thailand, they picture verdant jungles, sparkling temples and the exotic charm of its rural villages. Sangkhlaburi is home to all this. Located 225km northwest of Kanchanaburi and a mere 24km from the Burmese border at Three Pagodas Pass, Sangkhlaburi's seclusion only adds to its mystique. Sangkhlaburi is set towards the end of one of Thailand's most spectacular roads, nestled on the low hills edging Vajiralongkorn Lake (previously known as Khao Laem Lake), and is surrounded to the north and east by higher forest-covered limestone ranges. The outlying area hosts Karen and Mon villages,…

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