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 Posted by , last edited on September 02, 2013 at 04:29:59

Landolia is an excellent opportunity for an advertiser to promote products and services.

Contact us at .

Why should you advertise on Landolia?

Advertising on this website will allow you to reach the following targets:

  • Photos enthusiasts
  • Travel lovers

This is a unique opportunity for you to promote products and services such as:

  • Photo accessories, cameras and processing
  • Travel, travel packages, week-ends
  • Hotel, flight, car booking and associated services
  • Magazines and newspapers related to a city, a country or a destination
  • Documentaries or films related to a place, a monument or a part of the world

Where should you advertise?

We offer to put you where your audience will be.

Example 1: if you're promoting Hotel reservation in France, we offer you to put your text link or your banner on the pages about France, but also on all pages related to France, such as places, monuments, areas, etc.

Example 2: if your website is about New York City for instance, we offer you to put your text link or your banner directly and only on the New York City pages.

Available Ad types and sizes

Location 1: This is a standard 728*90 pixel banner, on the top of the page.

Location 2: The column on the right side of the website is available for all type of text links and banners no larger than 300 pixels.

Location 3: This is a standard 468*60 pixel banner, at the bottom of the page.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for information and/or quotes at:

Please mention in your email what kind of audience you'd like to reach and what kind of Ad type you'd like to use.


  1. We keep the right to select the kind of products and services to promote on Landolia.
  2. Each Ad placement on the website may be use by several different Advertisers (rotating banners).

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