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Iran, The Persian Garden

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Location Iran
Coordinates N30 10 0 E53 10 0
Property 716 ha
Date of Inscription 2011

Brief Description ( )

The property includes nine gardens in as many provinces. They exemplify the diversity of Persian garden designs that evolved and adapted to different climate conditions while retaining principles that have their roots in the times of Cyrus the Great, 6th century BC. Always divided into four sectors, with water playing an important role for both irrigation and ornamentation, the Persian garden was conceived to symbolize Eden and the four Zoroastrian elements of sky, earth, water and plants. These gardens, dating back to different periods since the 6th century BC, also feature buildings, pavilions and walls, as well as sophisticated irrigation systems. They have influenced the art of garden design as far as India and Spain.

Photos from Landolia

Qavam House, Garden Fin Garden

The Persian Gardens:

  1. Pasargad Persian Garden at Pasargadae
  2. Chehel Sotoun, Isfahan
  3. Fin Garden, Kashan
  4. Eram Garden, Shiraz
  5. Shazdeh Garden, Mahan
  6. Dolatabad Garden, Yazd
  7. Abbasabad Garden, Abbasabad
  8. Akbarieh Garden, South Khorasan Province
  9. Pahlevanpour Garden

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