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Netherlands, Defence Line of Amsterdam

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Location Provinces of Noord-Holland (NH), Utrecht (UT), Netherlands
Coordinates N52 22 28 E4 53 35
Property 14,953 ha
Date of Inscription 1996

Brief Description ( )

Extending 135 km around the city of Amsterdam, this defence line (built between 1883 and 1920) is the only example of a fortification based on the principle of controlling the waters. Since the 16th century, the people of the Netherlands have used their expert knowledge of hydraulic engineering for defence purposes. The centre of the country was protected by a network of 45 armed forts, acting in concert with temporary flooding from polders and an intricate system of canals and locks.

Photos from Landolia

Muiden Fortress, Defense line of Amsterdam Fort along Den Ham, Defense line of Amsterdam

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List of forts

North front

  • Fort near Edam
  • Fort near Kwadijk
  • Fort North of Purmerend
  • Fort along Nekkerweg
  • Fort along Middenweg
  • Fort along Jisperweg
  • Fort near Spijkerboor

Northwest front

  • Fort near Marken-Binnen
  • Fort near Krommeniedijk
  • Fort along Den Ham
  • Fort near Veldhuis
  • Fort along the St.Aagtendijk
  • Fort in the Zuidwijkermeerpolder
  • Fort near Velsen
  • Coastal Fort near IJmuiden

West front

  • Fort North of Spaarndam
  • Fort South of Spaarndam
  • Fort near Penningsveer
  • Fort near the Liebrug
  • Fort along the Liede

Southwest front

  • Fort near Vijfhuizen
  • Battery along IJweg
  • Fort near Hoofddorp
  • Battery along Sloterweg
  • Fort near Aalsmeer

South front

  • Fort near Kudelstaart
  • Fort near De Kwakel
  • Fort along the Drecht
  • Fort near Uithoorn
  • Fort Waver-Amstel
  • Fort in the Waver-Botshol
  • Fort along the Winkel

Southeast front

  • Fort near Abcoude
  • Batteries along the Gein
  • Fort near Nigtevecht
  • Fort near Hinderdam
  • Fort Uitermeer
  • Weesp Fortress

Zuiderzee front

  • Muiden Fortress
  • Battery near Diemerdam
  • Fort Pampus
  • Batterij near Durgerdam (Vuurtoreneiland)

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