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Nigeria, Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

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Location Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria
Coordinates N7 45 20.016 E4 33 7.992
Property 75 ha
Date of Inscription 2005

Brief Description ( )

The dense forest of the Osun Sacred Grove, on the outskirts of the city of Osogbo, is one of the last remnants of primary high forest in southern Nigeria. Regarded as the abode of the goddess of fertility Osun, one of the pantheon of Yoruba gods, the landscape of the grove and its meandering river is dotted with sanctuaries and shrines, sculptures and art works in honour of Osun and other deities. The sacred grove, which is now seen as a symbol of identity for all Yoruba people, is probably the last in Yoruba culture. It testifies to the once widespread practice of establishing sacred groves outside all settlements.

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Sculpted wall, Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove Shrines, Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

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