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Romania, Wooden Churches of Maramures

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Location Districts of Bârsana, Budesti, Desesti, Ieud, Sisesti, Poienile Izei, Târgu-Lapus; Maramureş County, Region of Transylvania, Romania
Coordinates N47 49 15 E24 3 21
Date of Inscription 1999

Brief Description ( )

These eight churches are outstanding examples of a range of architectural solutions from different periods and areas. They show the variety of designs and craftsmanship adopted in these narrow, high, timber constructions with their characteristic tall, slim clock towers at the western end of the building, either single- or double-roofed and covered by shingles. As such, they are a particular vernacular expression of the cultural landscape of this mountainous area of northern Romania.

Photos from Landolia

Wooden church of Bârsana Wooden church, Bârsana
Budeşti Josani church, Budești Budeşti Josani church
Deseşti wooden church, Desești Deseşti wooden church
Ieud Șes church, Ieud Ieud Șes church
Wooden church in Plopiș Wooden church in Plopiș
Wooden church of Poienile Izei, Poienile Izei Wooden church of Poienile Izei
Wooden church of Rogoz, Târgu Lăpuș Wooden church of Rogoz
Wooden church of Șurdești Wooden church of Șurdești

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