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Simon Laroche

 Posted by Simon Laroche
Simon Laroche
, last edited on August 30, 2013 at 05:10:41

Simon Laroche - Founder, Coder, Designer and Webmaster


I am the one who initiated the Landolia project and I am the webmaster. I take care of web development and enhancement of the website. I create and develop new features and new services.

My interest for the Internet dates back to my education, when I was studying electronics and computer science in Paris. I started with languages like Basic, Turbo Pascal, C, C++ and Assembly language and then switched to HTML and PHP/MySQL. Later on, I have also developed specific skills in Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

I lived in New-Caledonia for 2 years and now I am sharing my time between Paris, France and Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, from where I run, manage and update different websites.

One of my favorite leisure is sport: from swimming to extreme sports, but also team sports like football or volleyball. I like them all. I also enjoy traveling, reading and watching all the latest movies. Discovering the world is great and I like to take as many photos as I can each time I’ve got an opportunity to travel.

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