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Vanuatu, Chief Roi Mata's Domain

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Location Vanuatu
Coordinates S17 37 41.05 E168 10 39.79
Property 886 ha
Date of Inscription 2008

Brief Description ( )

Chief Roi Mata’s Domain is the first site to be inscribed in Vanuatu. It consists of three early 17th century AD sites on the islands of Efate, Lelepa and Artok associated with the life and death of the last paramount chief, or Roi Mata, of what is now Central Vanuatu. The property includes Roi Mata’s residence, the site of his death and Roi Mata’s mass burial site. It is closely associated with the oral traditions surrounding the chief and the moral values he espoused. The site reflects the convergence between oral tradition and archaeology and bears witness to the persistence of Roi Mata’s social reforms and conflict resolution, still relevant to the people of the region.

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Eretoka, Chief Roi Mata's Domain Stream, Chief Roi Mata's Domain

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