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Venezuela, Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

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Location Municipality of Libertador, Caracas, Venezuela
Coordinates N10 29 26.628 W66 53 26.448
Property 164,203 ha
Date of Inscription 2000

Brief Description ( )

The Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, built to the design of the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva, between 1940 and 1960, is an outstanding example of the Modern Movement in architecture. The university campus integrates the large number of buildings and functions into a clearly articulated ensemble, including masterpieces of modern architecture and visual arts, such as the Aula Magna with the "Clouds" of Alexander Calder, the Olympic Stadium, and the Covered Plaza.

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Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, L'Amphion Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, Cloud Shepherd

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