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Welcome to Landolia!

 Posted by , last edited on September 28, 2013 at 03:59:55

Landolia is a free database of Photos of the World that everyone can access and edit.


The aim is to create an online international community of travelers and photo enthusiasts from all around the world who want to share their pictures, their tips, their information and the culture of their country and their city, in several foreign languages.

Therefore we have developed a social network portal to which anyone can subscribe and participate.

Landolia Tools

Create an account: anyone can create an account on Landolia website. It’s very easy! If you have a Facebook, a Google+ or a Twitter account, simply connect with one of these Social Networks. Another way is to create an account using our Sign Up Form.

The Photo Album: anyone can submit and share photos from all around the world (landscapes, cities, monuments, archeological sites, national parks, etc.). Photos are sorted by country, city and place. The photos you submit are published in the Landolia main photo album ( but also in your private album that you can share with family and friends.

Comments: You can leave a comment to each and every picture. Don’t hesitate to write something if you want to share your feeling or to give an information.

Blog: updated weekly with travel and places information and pictures, the blog is a good tool to learn more about the different countries and cities of the world. You can submit your own articles. Send them by email to (read our article submission guidelines first). The blog is written in English and French .

RSS Feeds: keep you posted with all the latest updates (new photos and new articles ).

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