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Bożków Castle, Klodzko region, southwestern Poland - The first mention in written sources about Bożków (german: Eckersdorf), then called Ekkehardisdorf (Latin Eckardi Villa), is from 1348. In the early Renaissance palace was built from about 1520 held by the family von Raueck. In the sixteenth century also began to operate the abomination of coal. After the Czech-Palatine war property was confiscated and given Caspar von Eisenhut Jäschke. Then passed into the hands of the Jesuits, from whom it bought by Johann Georg von Gotzen, who expanded the castle and significantly contributed to the construction of the church in its present form. After the childless death of the last male descendant of this family, Count Johann von Gotzen, the property passed to her son in 1780, one of his sisters, Count Anton Alexander von Magnis. From that time until the end of World War II remained in the possession of the good of the family. Anton Alexander, one of the most outstanding representatives of this family caused a boom and the expansion of the property - with his name linked to development of a Baroque-classicist castle in 1787, the establishment of a magnificent park with artificial romantic ruins of the plates tombstones, building artificial ruins on top of the building and Grodziszcze forester. At that time the village had a school, four farms, two water mills, oil mill, sugar factory, and had 146 houses. Last reconstruction of the castle after a fire occurred in 1870, Count Wilhelm von Magnis. Among the guests who visited the palace in idols, who included late U.S. President John Quincy Adams and the kings of Prussia Frederick William III of Prussia and his wife Louise and Frederick William IV of Prussia. Castle of Bożków, 8km from Klodzko, southwestern region of Poland, Sudety mountains.

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