Synagogue de Sejny, White synagogue

In the center of Sejny (10km from polish-lithuanian border) stands so-called 'White Synagogue', built in the mid-nineteenth century in the place of its wooden predecessor. Architectural interior of the synagogue is a combination of Baroque Gothic sześciopolówki central solution, which emphasizes the distribution of the pillars. The synagogue is the aisle. The eastern wall is preserved for the Torah niche, the so-called Ark. Did not survive the polychrome, women's gallery and bimah, or hill, from which the rabbi spoke to the faithful. After the war, the synagogue was used as a warehouse and depot samochowa. Today, the restored rooms of exhibitions and concerts. White-blue building next to the synagogue once housed a yeshiva, founded by Rabbi Moses probably Yitzhak Avigdor. Employees of the Borderland Foundation sense as saying the university: 'The school has enjoyed great fame among maskilów - supporters of the Jewish Enlightenment, attracting many students from remote areas of Russia and Polish. Sejny Thanks to her - though briefly - became the center of the Haskalah (enlightenment) for the whole Lithuania. You held conferences greatest rabbis of Lithuania. Soon the Tsarist government, fearing the spread of science Avigdor the Polish and the inland areas of Russia, closed the yeshiva in Sejny and Avigdor sentenced to banishment. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the yeshiva building located cheder - Starting religious school for boys. The upper floor occupied a house of prayer, there is likely to fit into the rabbinate. '.

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